4. Kids can't get kids to kid around anymore. We are the new kids!

Best friends Machteld Coenegrachts and Pablo Hannon found eachother again after many years. A storyline and some first sketches to an illustrated children's book are the result. Everyday Boy let's us in in a typical week of a playful kid. Still a long way to go, before their book hits the shelfs, they are confident to make it all the way! Story by Machteld, drawings by Pablo.

— Birth of a Boy —

— A little warm up for the drawing hand —

— Mother's day —

— At noon Mads and his friends stay at school. It is hard not to play with the sandwich. The sandwich is a starship! —

— Mum and Mads jump on their bike. Home is not far. Let's step on it! The street is our kingdom! —

— Learning, playing, yawning... Off to bed, Mads! Sweet dreams! And don't forget your tooth sword! —