28. Twenty pictures. Riga x Hasselt

This was a very intimate collab. Even though the two players were miles apart. Ilze Vanaga and Pablo Hannon searched some truths via an atypical visual story. Non linear. Individual expressions. Twenty pictures, curated and some photographed by Ilze. Collected. Then passed on to Pablo to continue that journey. In time and events. A road trip perhaps, they always wanted that to happen. Someday. Doodling or animating or adding stuff onto the images, almost like they were originally made with that purpose. Not just a canvas but with room for other thoughts. Where Ilze gave, Pablo gave back and felt special while doing that extra last thing. Observing the lines and composition and the objects or people portrayed, and then slowly figuring out and understanding the image. And only then, after knowing what could be added, proceed. Only then, when the feeling was... just right.


27. Family collab

Some collabs have more to than meets the eye. Pablo Hannon was challenged a few weeks ago to enter the ring with his mother, Yita Henríquez. The family has a long history of creating art. Smaller things and larger, on the dinner table or at the workshop. Yita has been weaving, collaging, screen printing, etching and linocutting her whole life. A few years ago life came along and made her press the pause button. So, Pablo was honored and filled with enthusiasm when his mother asked him for a creative collab. Two half finished silkscreen prints were given. Pablo took it from there, went minimal on his mum and presented her with a new challenge right after his answer. You will see her answer here. Naturalmente.

Upper part by Yita Henríquez
Boats: silkscreen in two colours
Cabins: silkscreen in six colours

Lower part by Pablo Hannon
black + bronze ink + cuts


26. Snowflake to Flower Stereoscope Production

Pandique x Pablito met on Instagram via the force of ice cream. Sweden x Belgium, sharing snaps and enthusiasm, it was written in the stars a creative collab would happen. Soon, a PaPaPa:ct was written. Nothing wrong with 3D pics of Lourdes and cathedrals, but Pandique and Pablito had snowflakes plus amazon forest greens in mind. Not a single click is needed to have a walk in their 3D eclectic park. Soon all over the world, now in their Stereoscope. 

A preview!


25. Karachi x Hasselt = Crazy Happy Collab City

Samya Arif and Pablo Hannon did a tour around their city, exchanged snaps, talked some and got to know the little things that are different and other found out other things are quite similar.
Houses in Karachi, Pakistan and Hasselt, Belgium became lego blocks and were reshuffled into a new city. Where others want angry borders to separate, we build crazy happy collab cities to connect. Looking sideways, one must. Looking upwards, one must. Smiling in cities, one must.

Pablo Hannon

Samya Arif


24. Tell me your dreams

"Hey, how about telling our dreams?"
"Doing a meditation and feel each other and see what comes?" 

And off they went. Wensi Zhai and Pablo Hannon doing the subconscious couch talk.
Then finding a way to not let those bizarre flashes and fragments slip away,
and make them graphic, pattern like, abstract.

This was a way of playing, brief in time, no fuzz.
A — Hello, how are you? Tell me your dreams — kind of collab.

Pablo — Wensi — Pablo — Wensi


23. Unintended urban beauty pairs

Dasha Selyanova of ZDDZ London and Pablo Hannon share the love for the unintended distressed city life. Ripped off posters, sun blazed stickers, wrinkled and shredded notes hanging on their last threads of life and tape,... An eclectic find in the back alleys of their cities, the less than ordinary graphic language the urban community often neglects and tends to hide. Dasha and Pablo love it. This collab is about connecting two worlds, Russia via London to Chile/Belgium via Hasselt and Liège. A first and fast collab, no room for thinking, instinctively making hasty collages from the heart. Like the so called bad part of the city does without knowing. Their favorite part.

Dasha Selyanova / London

Pablo Hannon / Hasselt + Liège


22. Tillsammans we create more

How a workshop typography at the old art school of Pablo Hannon got transformed into a Things I Like a Lot creative collab. One school day, a little dozen of year 5 and 6 girls, the teacher, an apprentice and a big bunch of fallen branches and wood finds. It was a wonderful day and outcome. And all that young energy got to burn the Things I Like a Lot initials at the end. (TILAL) up in flames! Gill Sans was not harmed during this collab. Au contraire! 

Alone, we are drops of rain.
Tillsammans, vi är regn.

The accomplices of that day:
Kunstschool Genk, Applied Visual Arts
Year 5: Levi Huang, Deniz Kaya, Yente Lemmens, Inge Otten, Efthalia Pegios, Laura Thaens
Year 6: Kirsty Buvens, Daphne Caelen, Margaux Oosterbosch, Jorinde Vandewal
Teacher: Willem Vrancken
Hectica apprentice: Fleur Broes
Things I Like a Lot: Pablo Hannon