14. Rorsach thoughts

Throw your heavy thoughts and inner fantasies at these acrylic creatures. They were made to stare and wander what it would be like to live on them, like on a planet. Manon and Pablo and paper and two colours of paint. That's what Sundays are for.

Photographed by Manon Wethly, paintsplashpressed by Pablo Hannon and as it goes in a collab, conceived together.


13. Let's be closer

Distance can be a drag and an opportunity at the same time. I want to be where you are, you want to be where I am. Let's be together and spend some time together. Creative collabs are usually born from a personal wish. "Come to Singapore" " Come to Belgium" And so, every week Wen Ling and Pablo will be spending some time together. In Singapore and in Hasselt. Hanging out. Doing silly stuff. Doing a Tina Fey photobomb. Doing the give-the-ice-cream-to-me- stare. Keeping it simple.


12. A4 times 3 to the third

Another collab is born, and this one smells like art! Joren Peters, Christophe De Schauvre and Pablo Hannon have launched their A4 triangular collab. A work is made, shared with the other two (times 3) and while a new work is made, a reaction to the two other works is also made. The end? A multiplied amount of A4's, and a series of works that definitely will be influenced by eachother... sooner or later.

Los 3 bandidos photographed by Kristien Follon at King Kong in Hasselt. Christophe on the left, Pablo in the middle and Joren on the right.

— 1 —

Words by Christophe De Schauvre

Print with altered existing material by Joren Peters

Collage and paint by Pablo Hannon

— Reaction on #1 —

Reaction on Joren Peters #1 by Pablo Hannon — Paper cut out pattern

Reaction on Christophe De Schauvre #1 by Pablo Hannon — Photoshop Stamp poem collage 

 Reaction on Pablo Hannon #1 by Joren Peters — Video still Photoshop collage

Reaction on Christophe De Schauvre #1 by Joren Peters — Airplane graphic info chart

Reaction on Joren Peters #1 by Christophe De Schauvre — Latin Lego collage

Reaction on Pablo Hannon #1 by Christophe De Schauvre — Poetic response

— 2 —

Christophe De Schauvre #2 — Photo mash up and poetic response to Simon Carmiggelt

Pablo Hannon #2 — Eternal collage of many letters O of the ZENO newspaper section

Joren Peters #2 — Video still collage in Photoshop


11. Portrait you, portrait me

As I stumbled upon the awesome portrait blog http://portraitsss.tumblr.com of Miyu Kuno, I knew we had to do a collab. A get to know each other portrait making collab. It is a really special feeling, drawing eyes and facial lines of a person still unknown to you. It's intimate odd, following those lines with pencil, pen or brush. And here we are, we loved it. Miyu and Pablo are now portrait pals.