19. End of Summer Lick Click

Ice cream lovers around the world, let us unite and celebrate the end of Summer at the northern hemisphere! Or let us just celebrate ice creams, because southern hemisphere are starting to warm up as we speak! A fun self portrait of licking, eating enjoying the soft ice and ice creams of the world. Just fun, but the uniting happy kind of fun. Not enough in this world, we say!

Antwerp, Brussels and Hasselt, Belgium — Lousã, Portugal — Mumbai, India — Tokyo, Japan — Sarnia, Canada — Singapore, Singapore — Abidjan, Ivory Coast

And we'll be adding other continents in the days following! Celebration does not have a strict planning, right? Lick it + click it!

Eleonora and Pauline, Lousã, Portugal

Sarah Hermans and Bart Wijsman, Brussels, Belgium

Gayatri and Tarini Dii, Mumbai, India (having their cones emptied in Barcelona, Spain)

Natalia aka Lola, Antwerp, Belgium

Ann Goovaerts, Antwerp, Belgium

Ai Kohno, Tokyo, Japan

Jimmy Kets and Julie Scheurweghs, Brussels, Belgium

Manon Wethly, Hasselt, Belgium

Mariella, Sarnia, Canada

Roman, Sarnia, Canada

Miyu Kuno, Tokyo, Japan

Pablo Hannon, Hasselt, Belgium

Tine Claerhout and team dressed and undressed beauties, Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Wen Ling Lee, Singapore, Singapore


18. A Three kids Afternoon

Meet Nore and Max-Arthur, our future cloud skaters! What-a-joy-to-spend-the-afternoon-with-them! First we painted, only in red and blue, added sticker, added scribbles, made stamps with hands, wrote words, the lot! With paper all over the table, 2 big art pieces were made, one for Nore and just within the time reach of energy and focus, the second for Max-Arthur. Speed in the start up is of major importance with the little ones, in the middle some silence and storytelling, at the end a horizon and end product, this was a full on collab. All artwork was handed over to Pablo, a big ruler and his stanley knife. One by one took a pose and the harness or winged outfit were made and finished on the spot. With a limited amount of time to stand still, two marvelous creatures were transformed into dreamy painted paper character creatives. The future!

No adults were harmed during this collab. Both Nore and Max-Arthur were at the end of the collab returned to happy parents Patricia and Steven.


17. Self Portrait Protect Self

The self portrait is a beautiful act. Confronting oneself, seeing what people see, revealing a vulnerability when done right. Sarah Hermans does right. Pablo Hannon steps in. This collab is about talking to each other and searching for what will be revealed and what, once handed over, will be protected. Sarah Hermans and Pablo Hannon have been talking and sharing for some time now, always with the deepest respect. This vulnerable moment of Sarah we share is special. Not to be taken for granted. And thus, Pablo protects and applies an organic harness to her body. This visual confrontation is about trust and dignity. Reinforcing what is being shown. People show their inner self, and way too often, others take advantage or abuse. We must show and others must respect. And love.


16. Progress

Today we'll not display a new collab but a behind the scenes sum of all things cooking at the moment. Too much? No. But it's good to focus on the longer term collabs for a bit. Only a week, next Sunday new stuff arrives and you'll be dipping your crispy chips in some yummy creative collab stuff. Let me see what's going on: Seattle's Rad and Hungry joins us for a stroll around the world — the TITI + THE GERMAN KID x TILAL hoodies are about to be transformed — The A4 to the third team have had their second round and getting together to start the 3rd round of A4 creations — the children's book Het Alledaagse Jongetje is going at a slow pace, but still in development — The Dii sisters all the way from Mumbai are working on their storyboard — Sarah Hermans is sweating it out and producing a masterpiece in the art of self portraits, soon to be peeled off to the bone — 5 ultimate jazz tracks will be graphicly shaped and produced by TILAL x All The Gin Joints — Wen Ling Lee is as we speak finishing her Sunday drawing, placing her in the 'Closer to Me' serie will be 9 am Singapore time probably — Many other names have been added, we'll have enough to keep us warm throughout the winter!


15. Nature Collect + Connect

Kaitlin Ziesmer and Pablo Hannon met through Instagram, loving each other's creations on a regular basis. And so, this is the start of something new. And also of the old, Fall is knocking on the door and the first treasures are to be discovered on the moist of the woods or garden. This collab is about many things, combined. First, there's the collect. Then there's the canvas, the not so ordinary sink, central masterpiece of a household. All that enters, is washed and (re)used. And so it goes, with the collection of nature finds. And finally we take it one last step further, the composition. This is all about connecting the pieces... and the collectors. This process was set out before the start. It was interesting to see how the elements and the unusual setting controlled our creative addition to every step in the result.

Kaitlin Ziesmer

Pablo Hannon

The compositions of Kailtin Ziesmer photographed in Denver, Colorado USA, the composition of Pablo Hannon photographed in Hasselt, Belgium.