19. End of Summer Lick Click

Ice cream lovers around the world, let us unite and celebrate the end of Summer at the northern hemisphere! Or let us just celebrate ice creams, because southern hemisphere are starting to warm up as we speak! A fun self portrait of licking, eating enjoying the soft ice and ice creams of the world. Just fun, but the uniting happy kind of fun. Not enough in this world, we say!

Antwerp, Brussels and Hasselt, Belgium — Lousã, Portugal — Mumbai, India — Tokyo, Japan — Sarnia, Canada — Singapore, Singapore — Abidjan, Ivory Coast

And we'll be adding other continents in the days following! Celebration does not have a strict planning, right? Lick it + click it!

Eleonora and Pauline, Lousã, Portugal

Sarah Hermans and Bart Wijsman, Brussels, Belgium

Gayatri and Tarini Dii, Mumbai, India (having their cones emptied in Barcelona, Spain)

Natalia aka Lola, Antwerp, Belgium

Ann Goovaerts, Antwerp, Belgium

Ai Kohno, Tokyo, Japan

Jimmy Kets and Julie Scheurweghs, Brussels, Belgium

Manon Wethly, Hasselt, Belgium

Mariella, Sarnia, Canada

Roman, Sarnia, Canada

Miyu Kuno, Tokyo, Japan

Pablo Hannon, Hasselt, Belgium

Tine Claerhout and team dressed and undressed beauties, Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Wen Ling Lee, Singapore, Singapore