16. Progress

Today we'll not display a new collab but a behind the scenes sum of all things cooking at the moment. Too much? No. But it's good to focus on the longer term collabs for a bit. Only a week, next Sunday new stuff arrives and you'll be dipping your crispy chips in some yummy creative collab stuff. Let me see what's going on: Seattle's Rad and Hungry joins us for a stroll around the world — the TITI + THE GERMAN KID x TILAL hoodies are about to be transformed — The A4 to the third team have had their second round and getting together to start the 3rd round of A4 creations — the children's book Het Alledaagse Jongetje is going at a slow pace, but still in development — The Dii sisters all the way from Mumbai are working on their storyboard — Sarah Hermans is sweating it out and producing a masterpiece in the art of self portraits, soon to be peeled off to the bone — 5 ultimate jazz tracks will be graphicly shaped and produced by TILAL x All The Gin Joints — Wen Ling Lee is as we speak finishing her Sunday drawing, placing her in the 'Closer to Me' serie will be 9 am Singapore time probably — Many other names have been added, we'll have enough to keep us warm throughout the winter!