15. Nature Collect + Connect

Kaitlin Ziesmer and Pablo Hannon met through Instagram, loving each other's creations on a regular basis. And so, this is the start of something new. And also of the old, Fall is knocking on the door and the first treasures are to be discovered on the moist of the woods or garden. This collab is about many things, combined. First, there's the collect. Then there's the canvas, the not so ordinary sink, central masterpiece of a household. All that enters, is washed and (re)used. And so it goes, with the collection of nature finds. And finally we take it one last step further, the composition. This is all about connecting the pieces... and the collectors. This process was set out before the start. It was interesting to see how the elements and the unusual setting controlled our creative addition to every step in the result.

Kaitlin Ziesmer

Pablo Hannon

The compositions of Kailtin Ziesmer photographed in Denver, Colorado USA, the composition of Pablo Hannon photographed in Hasselt, Belgium.