39. The innocence of Ophelia

When the river quotes Hamlet, and the sky phrases Polonius. 
Amidst promiscuous doubt and the spotless flow, Ophelia thou Ophelia.

Sarah Pepels is a young artist, often time travelling to the land of Elizabeth. 
Seeking for the fairy and dragonfly, her music is Portland and own.

That morning in the low of Demer, river ran through her dress 
and the grass had sea for scent. If Ophelia landed in madness, here it was not. 
Life at fullest.

Ophelia: Sarah Pepels
Polonius: Pablo Hannon


38. Robotic Arm Crap Calligraphy

When a school seminar becomes a workshop becomes a playshop we are at our best. Not forgetting to be playful is a bumper sticker that deserves many cars. Teams and individuals were asked to bring along tons of seemingly crap objects and leftover stuff or useless broken parts. Objective was to make a robotic hand from these parts and make it write your own name on a yellow painted can. Simple but difficult! The fun was in the tail. :)

Anne Bauwens - Caro Herbots - Sofie Grondelaers - Els Cuypers - Jaimy Vanaken - Tom Honings - Hans Van den Wyngaert - Joost Dirix - Lien Meeus - Martha Vanhoof - Annelies Vandenput - Pieter Baeyens - Helga Hoogmartnes - Erik Nuyts - Lara Ceuterick - Gertjan Vandezande - Pablo Hannon + photography by Anouck Kuyckx - all non hestitant residents of PXL-MAD


37. Giving Sneakers A New Life

Here we are again after a little offline sketch and doodle break, things we like a lot is back on and full throttles ahead! (We'll see, you never know but believe!) 

Question of the weekend was: wanna paint or alter your least favourite or worn down sneakers? A little pain for the game and getting to it with stencils, spray cans, scissors, cardboard, needle and thread. The weekend team of nut bolts: Mous Lamrabat, now taking it easy while photographing in Morocco + Sofie Grondelaers, having a bonfire in the dark Haspengouw woods + Mia Mia, working it in Seoul while nipping her latte + Pablo Hannon, doodling along instead of fighting the to do stash. A fun and light start of the new season: Look at my new sneakers!

Mous Lamrabat

"Sneakers don't last long enough"

Sofie Grondelaers

"Diafragma Sneakers Update"

Mia Mia


Pablo Hannon

"Multibrand Transformation"


36. Clouds Gazing in New York x Hasselt

Cloud gazers Danielle Guelbart and Pablo Hannon left their home to go and hike the fields or the outsides of the city. New York and the tranquil spots versus Hasselt and out and abouts amidst the corn and the pebble roads. Clouds needs no fuzz. It's what happens next when the mind start to travel, that is what clouds are all about. Travellers those two.

Danielle Guelbart

Pablo Hannon


35. Voetbal/Football/Futbol

Football never seems to stop. As the World Cup 2014 is being celebrated in gold and silver, Things I Like a Lot teams up to rethink the rules and the pitch. Hen Chung from www.radandhungry.com and Pablo Hannon sketch out some new challenges for the players.

Hen Chung created 4 shapes

Square — 2 cross field running goalies and 2 players do 4 sets of 15 minutes

Circle — the circle is the goal and scoring points are added depending on the angle/slice it is shot from

Hexagon — no goalie, 2 x 3 players have 30 minutes to score as much as possible without stopping the game. A high fence stops the ball from going out

 Rectangle — only 1 player of each team is allowed in the stretched triangle, the goalie in his own rectangle and the rest is the rest 

Pablo Hannon wrote 5 plays

2 x 3 — Each team has 3 players. The keeper needs to take risk and escape his zone to form triangles towards the other goal. Corners are given in the 1/3rd circle. The ball can not cross the mid line via a pass or a kick to the goal.

Dutchy — Every half another team defends the only goal there is.

Back to Back — Both goals are placed back to back. Teams are formed of 1 keeper and 4 players. This game is played at the equator only and between 11h30 and 12h30 to have 90° straight shadows.

 Corner — This game emphasises the skills of taking a good corner and counter attacking instantly. A corner is dangerous for both teams.

Speedy — The field is exactly the same as now, only there is a plexi glass ice hockey shield on the long sides. Attack speed is increased.   


34. World Cup Shirt Exchange

The hunger of Hen Chung (RADANDHUNGRY) and Pablo Hannon for collaborating has reached high peaks these last days. Soccer/Football/Voetbal has started with its glorious 4 yearly days and the tension has risen among those two. Their bigger creative TILAL collab is due this fall but for now some action was needed to loosen up the muscles. An exchange of their first country's shirt! A new version, to give the homeboys wings and extra powers. Hen x Pablo present South Korea x Chile for the World Cup 2014!

Hen Chung

A mix of old school and new school culture influences.
Old school — traditional clothing x hanbok x Korean geometric patterns from embroidery, tapestry, traditional clothing, blankets x Korean National Guard outfits
New School — technology x handwritten style fonts

Pablo Hannon

Stencil shaped futuristic font for the number and last name handwritten by the player self.
Rorschach stains of national colours to accentuate the muscles of the player and also to scare and impress the opponent through the hypnotising graphic pattern, confusing via the slightly mixed colours of back and front being more blue in the front and more red in the back part of the shirt.


33. H3500 Playshop #1-11

Another Playshop with the students of Stedelijke Academie Hasselt, where Pablo and Manon gathered some 16 year olds to create 11 peep hole houses. 11, Because of the 11 beguine houses at art center Z33. 11 new stories now, painted and crafted in their homes, showing the house number when peeping inside. When installing, a blackbird was already checking them out and choosing his next crib. We hope for many baby birds made in our 11 houses!