38. Robotic Arm Crap Calligraphy

When a school seminar becomes a workshop becomes a playshop we are at our best. Not forgetting to be playful is a bumper sticker that deserves many cars. Teams and individuals were asked to bring along tons of seemingly crap objects and leftover stuff or useless broken parts. Objective was to make a robotic hand from these parts and make it write your own name on a yellow painted can. Simple but difficult! The fun was in the tail. :)

Anne Bauwens - Caro Herbots - Sofie Grondelaers - Els Cuypers - Jaimy Vanaken - Tom Honings - Hans Van den Wyngaert - Joost Dirix - Lien Meeus - Martha Vanhoof - Annelies Vandenput - Pieter Baeyens - Helga Hoogmartnes - Erik Nuyts - Lara Ceuterick - Gertjan Vandezande - Pablo Hannon + photography by Anouck Kuyckx - all non hestitant residents of PXL-MAD