37. Giving Sneakers A New Life

Here we are again after a little offline sketch and doodle break, things we like a lot is back on and full throttles ahead! (We'll see, you never know but believe!) 

Question of the weekend was: wanna paint or alter your least favourite or worn down sneakers? A little pain for the game and getting to it with stencils, spray cans, scissors, cardboard, needle and thread. The weekend team of nut bolts: Mous Lamrabat, now taking it easy while photographing in Morocco + Sofie Grondelaers, having a bonfire in the dark Haspengouw woods + Mia Mia, working it in Seoul while nipping her latte + Pablo Hannon, doodling along instead of fighting the to do stash. A fun and light start of the new season: Look at my new sneakers!

Mous Lamrabat

"Sneakers don't last long enough"

Sofie Grondelaers

"Diafragma Sneakers Update"

Mia Mia


Pablo Hannon

"Multibrand Transformation"