32. H3500 Playshop #12

For some time now, the project www.H3500.be has been going on behind the scenes. 5 Designers from Hasselt have been creating house numbers, ready to be sold at the webshop after April 6. The project is more though. It has been focusing on that little element on a house yes, but also laying its mark on the process of getting there. Thinking, creating, producing, talking, brainstorming.... and playing. Every designer took over a class to play with numbers. Manon Wethly and Pablo Hannon had their playful start at the Stedelijke Academie in Hasselt. 8 and 9 year olds and super supervisor Heidi Leën plus her colleagues  joined them to have a go at the school's house number, 12. This was a Playshop, soon a Display in their front yard. Marvelous creations from these kids, humble we become.



31. Presse-Papier par Pandique x Pablo

Pandique and Pablo have joined forces once again. A collab of Sweden x Belgium producing a zig zag presse-papier. Week days on recto, Svenska x English x Nederlands on verso. Flip to know what day is next, flop to see what mood is best. These are not translations, even though sometimes correct in the neighbor language. Their idea is that week day names sometimes don't cover the content. These new names will make you play och stjärn en droom and lots more. If you want to.


monday — ritdag  playday  speeldag
tuesday — tralldag  laughday  babbeldag
wednesday — kramdag  hugday  knuffeldag
thursday — mysdag  candyday  pruldag
friday — stjärndag  dressupday  zweefdag
saturday — hejdag  discoveryday vinddag
drömdag — drömdag  dreamday  droomdag