35. Voetbal/Football/Futbol

Football never seems to stop. As the World Cup 2014 is being celebrated in gold and silver, Things I Like a Lot teams up to rethink the rules and the pitch. Hen Chung from www.radandhungry.com and Pablo Hannon sketch out some new challenges for the players.

Hen Chung created 4 shapes

Square — 2 cross field running goalies and 2 players do 4 sets of 15 minutes

Circle — the circle is the goal and scoring points are added depending on the angle/slice it is shot from

Hexagon — no goalie, 2 x 3 players have 30 minutes to score as much as possible without stopping the game. A high fence stops the ball from going out

 Rectangle — only 1 player of each team is allowed in the stretched triangle, the goalie in his own rectangle and the rest is the rest 

Pablo Hannon wrote 5 plays

2 x 3 — Each team has 3 players. The keeper needs to take risk and escape his zone to form triangles towards the other goal. Corners are given in the 1/3rd circle. The ball can not cross the mid line via a pass or a kick to the goal.

Dutchy — Every half another team defends the only goal there is.

Back to Back — Both goals are placed back to back. Teams are formed of 1 keeper and 4 players. This game is played at the equator only and between 11h30 and 12h30 to have 90° straight shadows.

 Corner — This game emphasises the skills of taking a good corner and counter attacking instantly. A corner is dangerous for both teams.

Speedy — The field is exactly the same as now, only there is a plexi glass ice hockey shield on the long sides. Attack speed is increased.