34. World Cup Shirt Exchange

The hunger of Hen Chung (RADANDHUNGRY) and Pablo Hannon for collaborating has reached high peaks these last days. Soccer/Football/Voetbal has started with its glorious 4 yearly days and the tension has risen among those two. Their bigger creative TILAL collab is due this fall but for now some action was needed to loosen up the muscles. An exchange of their first country's shirt! A new version, to give the homeboys wings and extra powers. Hen x Pablo present South Korea x Chile for the World Cup 2014!

Hen Chung

A mix of old school and new school culture influences.
Old school — traditional clothing x hanbok x Korean geometric patterns from embroidery, tapestry, traditional clothing, blankets x Korean National Guard outfits
New School — technology x handwritten style fonts

Pablo Hannon

Stencil shaped futuristic font for the number and last name handwritten by the player self.
Rorschach stains of national colours to accentuate the muscles of the player and also to scare and impress the opponent through the hypnotising graphic pattern, confusing via the slightly mixed colours of back and front being more blue in the front and more red in the back part of the shirt.