18. A Three kids Afternoon

Meet Nore and Max-Arthur, our future cloud skaters! What-a-joy-to-spend-the-afternoon-with-them! First we painted, only in red and blue, added sticker, added scribbles, made stamps with hands, wrote words, the lot! With paper all over the table, 2 big art pieces were made, one for Nore and just within the time reach of energy and focus, the second for Max-Arthur. Speed in the start up is of major importance with the little ones, in the middle some silence and storytelling, at the end a horizon and end product, this was a full on collab. All artwork was handed over to Pablo, a big ruler and his stanley knife. One by one took a pose and the harness or winged outfit were made and finished on the spot. With a limited amount of time to stand still, two marvelous creatures were transformed into dreamy painted paper character creatives. The future!

No adults were harmed during this collab. Both Nore and Max-Arthur were at the end of the collab returned to happy parents Patricia and Steven.