12. A4 times 3 to the third

Another collab is born, and this one smells like art! Joren Peters, Christophe De Schauvre and Pablo Hannon have launched their A4 triangular collab. A work is made, shared with the other two (times 3) and while a new work is made, a reaction to the two other works is also made. The end? A multiplied amount of A4's, and a series of works that definitely will be influenced by eachother... sooner or later.

Los 3 bandidos photographed by Kristien Follon at King Kong in Hasselt. Christophe on the left, Pablo in the middle and Joren on the right.

— 1 —

Words by Christophe De Schauvre

Print with altered existing material by Joren Peters

Collage and paint by Pablo Hannon

— Reaction on #1 —

Reaction on Joren Peters #1 by Pablo Hannon — Paper cut out pattern

Reaction on Christophe De Schauvre #1 by Pablo Hannon — Photoshop Stamp poem collage 

 Reaction on Pablo Hannon #1 by Joren Peters — Video still Photoshop collage

Reaction on Christophe De Schauvre #1 by Joren Peters — Airplane graphic info chart

Reaction on Joren Peters #1 by Christophe De Schauvre — Latin Lego collage

Reaction on Pablo Hannon #1 by Christophe De Schauvre — Poetic response

— 2 —

Christophe De Schauvre #2 — Photo mash up and poetic response to Simon Carmiggelt

Pablo Hannon #2 — Eternal collage of many letters O of the ZENO newspaper section

Joren Peters #2 — Video still collage in Photoshop