22. Tillsammans we create more

How a workshop typography at the old art school of Pablo Hannon got transformed into a Things I Like a Lot creative collab. One school day, a little dozen of year 5 and 6 girls, the teacher, an apprentice and a big bunch of fallen branches and wood finds. It was a wonderful day and outcome. And all that young energy got to burn the Things I Like a Lot initials at the end. (TILAL) up in flames! Gill Sans was not harmed during this collab. Au contraire! 

Alone, we are drops of rain.
Tillsammans, vi är regn.

The accomplices of that day:
Kunstschool Genk, Applied Visual Arts
Year 5: Levi Huang, Deniz Kaya, Yente Lemmens, Inge Otten, Efthalia Pegios, Laura Thaens
Year 6: Kirsty Buvens, Daphne Caelen, Margaux Oosterbosch, Jorinde Vandewal
Teacher: Willem Vrancken
Hectica apprentice: Fleur Broes
Things I Like a Lot: Pablo Hannon