23. Unintended urban beauty pairs

Dasha Selyanova of ZDDZ London and Pablo Hannon share the love for the unintended distressed city life. Ripped off posters, sun blazed stickers, wrinkled and shredded notes hanging on their last threads of life and tape,... An eclectic find in the back alleys of their cities, the less than ordinary graphic language the urban community often neglects and tends to hide. Dasha and Pablo love it. This collab is about connecting two worlds, Russia via London to Chile/Belgium via Hasselt and Liège. A first and fast collab, no room for thinking, instinctively making hasty collages from the heart. Like the so called bad part of the city does without knowing. Their favorite part.

Dasha Selyanova / London

Pablo Hannon / Hasselt + Liège