28. Twenty pictures. Riga x Hasselt

This was a very intimate collab. Even though the two players were miles apart. Ilze Vanaga and Pablo Hannon searched some truths via an atypical visual story. Non linear. Individual expressions. Twenty pictures, curated and some photographed by Ilze. Collected. Then passed on to Pablo to continue that journey. In time and events. A road trip perhaps, they always wanted that to happen. Someday. Doodling or animating or adding stuff onto the images, almost like they were originally made with that purpose. Not just a canvas but with room for other thoughts. Where Ilze gave, Pablo gave back and felt special while doing that extra last thing. Observing the lines and composition and the objects or people portrayed, and then slowly figuring out and understanding the image. And only then, after knowing what could be added, proceed. Only then, when the feeling was... just right.