27. Family collab

Some collabs have more to than meets the eye. Pablo Hannon was challenged a few weeks ago to enter the ring with his mother, Yita Henríquez. The family has a long history of creating art. Smaller things and larger, on the dinner table or at the workshop. Yita has been weaving, collaging, screen printing, etching and linocutting her whole life. A few years ago life came along and made her press the pause button. So, Pablo was honored and filled with enthusiasm when his mother asked him for a creative collab. Two half finished silkscreen prints were given. Pablo took it from there, went minimal on his mum and presented her with a new challenge right after his answer. You will see her answer here. Naturalmente.

Upper part by Yita Henríquez
Boats: silkscreen in two colours
Cabins: silkscreen in six colours

Lower part by Pablo Hannon
black + bronze ink + cuts