Let's do a pitstop! TITI + THE GERMAN KID x Pablo Hannon have been finishing their first part of the collab. 2 Sweaters have been altered and handed over again to the other! We snap this phase so we can remember, because what is about to happen next, nobody knows! The reaction of one to the creation of the other. 2 Prototype hoodies will form the basis for a TITI x TILAL collection. Felt, scissors and stitches, let's meet again after a few weeks, to see the final products of their collab!

Photographed by Manon Wethly, hence the flying body parts.

We love what Kristien Follon does to us. Her brand TITI + THE GERMAN KID makes us smile big time and while hoodied or T'd in her TITIs we feel we can conquer the world. And thus, a collab was necessary and born, two empty sweaters ready to be customised have been devided and the colours blue and red have been chosen. TITI will do her thing and Pablo will do his. This is the start. Big airmail envelope filled with sweaters to start the fire. Go!

Photographed by Manon Wethly, letting us not fly like her stuff usually does and just pose with a big smile.